Flat Bread      $15

Crispy garlic butter crust squares pizza like dough, top with zucchini, roasted peppers

                 sun-dried tomato, parmesan cheese, caramelized onions, and olives.


For a winning pairing, try a flavorful Pinot Noir.


Sweet & Sour Chorizo       $16


Golden brown chorizo bites in a sweet and spicy wine reduction sauce. A serious flavor punch!


For a wine pairing, try a glass of Cabernet.


Charcuterie     $18


Creatively displayed cheese slices, Quadrello di Bufala (Italy) Manouri (Greece) Parmigiano Reggiano (Italy) as well rolled pieces of Salami Milano, sweet Sorpressata, olives and cornichons bring in some savory flavors, as well as several different types of nuts and dried fruits.


Try pairing with a funky beer, Freak Tractor Catskill Brewery.


  Empanadas Trio   $16


Trio of our traditional fresh empanadas made to order bake over banana leaves and served with chimichurri sauce.


Ground Beef /Chicken /Rochefort /Spinach & Cheese /Ground Argentinian Chorizo.


For a wine pairing, try a glass of Malbec.


Bruschetta   $12


A tantalizing mixture of basil, fresh tomato, garlic, capers, and balsamic vinaigrette…served with toast points.


For a wine pairing, try a glass of Merlot.


Pretzel   $10


Soft & crispy pretzels drizzled with Bourbon mustard and molasses sauce


Pair with a crushable beer BRAVEN   NY, Bushwick Brewery.


TLW Party of Two   $ 40


Two tier tray of two empanada of your choice, golden brown chorizo bites, Creatively displayed cheese slices,


Crispy garlic butter crust squares pizzettas

and your choice of glass of wine.




$2.50 Each or Dozen $28


Server will provide our daily selections



Menu prices reflect cash amount. A 3.5% technology fee is applied to all credit transaction.







Eggs Benedict   $12


The Last Word’s Take on a Classic Eggs Benedict with Hickory Smoked Ham and Southwestern Hollandaise Sauce. Served with Home Fries.


Bourbon Chicken and Waffles Sandwich  $14     


Breaded Southern Style Chicken with Arugula, Candied Bacon, House Pickled Veggies, Served Between our Old Fashioned Waffle Accompanied by Spicy Maple Syrup and Home Fries.


Old Fashioned Waffle  $11


Homemade Waffles Infused with Bourbon. Served with Home Fries


S’mores Waffle  $13


Old Fashioned Waffle Served with Nutella, Crushed Graham Crackers, and Toasted Marshmallow


Baked Eggs Bourbon  $14


Per your choice this super tasty creation is just right for a brunch.

 Huevos rancheros oven cook over tortillas and salsa, cheese, jalapenos, Mexican chorizo, topping with avocado and black beans. Serve with a garlic toast.


 Mushroom, cheddar cheese, hard eggs, roasted peppers parsley and garlic croutons.


The Last Avocado Toast   $14


Whole avocado filled with Pico de Gallo sauce and two baked eggs served with garlic butter toast and malted Monterrey Jack Cheese, and cilantro creamy sauce.


       Smoky Beets   $12


Smoked beet and goat cheese salad serve over a garlic toast and baby greens


 TLW Brunch Tray

Good for a party of two include a cup of tea or coffee and a glass of


$34 add $10 extra per person


Dazzling Tiers Tray Hors d'Oeuvres Selection.


Cinnamon raisin brioche bread, topping with creamy chive cheese
spread, fresh radish, walnuts, raising and dried apricot.

Garlic butter pumpernickel toast topping with wasabi cilantro eggs


Mini savory croissant filled with Moroccan black olives and parmesan


Butter Croissants

Serve with marmalade and butter cream.


Homemade mini muffins, and mini cakes.



Pot of Tea $8

Rejuvenator (Greek Mountain Tea, Lemon Verbena) Tea



Organic English Breakfast Tea

Passion Fruit Mimosas. $10


                        Menu prices reflect cash amount. A 3.5% technology fee is applied to all credit transaction