Raw Oyster Bar

a dozen oysters                           $24

a half dozen oysters                     $12

Larger Plates

Claudia's Empanada Trio      $14

Choice of: beef, chicken, chorizo and potato, spinach and cheese, and/or caprese (mozzarella, tomato, and basil)

Cheese & Charcuterie Board  $18

Meats: (Pork) Sweet sopressata and Coppa with Tasso Spice, (Beef) Bresaola

Cheeses: Pecorino Crotonese and Manchego

Accompanied with marinated olives, Marcona almonds, dried mission figs, and red grapes

TLW Party of Two                  $35

4 Mini empanada’s (choice of Beef or spinach and cheese), sweet-and-sour sausage, assortment of charcuterie and cheeses, flat bread, cornichons.

Smaller Plates

Fresh Beet Salad w/Goat Cheese $12  (v)(gf)

Fresh beet salad with tomatoes, onions, sliced jalapeño, and cilantro oil. Seasoned with salt and mesquite sauce and topped with goat cheese.

Soft Shell Tacos              

Served on purple and white corn tortillas with sour cream, cotija cheese, fresno pepper pickled red onions, and salsa verde.

Choice of:

- Beef $4.5

- Chicken Tinga $4.5

- Veggie $4

Flatbread                             $11

Choice of:

- Zucchini, tomato, and cheese

- Sweet sopressata, tomato, and cheese

- Tomato and Cheese

- Mixed (Zucchini and Sopressata) +$2

Sweet & Sour Chorizo           $12

Mini Spanish Chorizos glazed in a red wine and sugar reduction, accompanied with roasted herb potatoes

Bruschetta (veg.)                      $8

Artesian baguette with tomatoes, capers, roasted red peppers, basil and garlic

Anticuchos                          $14

Three seared beef skewers marinated in a panca peppers, cherry tomato, garlic, red onion, lime, and cilantro sauce, served with a tomato and onion salad.


Roasted Garlic & White Bean dip $9  (v)(veg)(gf)

California butter bean dip made with roasted garlic, rosemary, cayenne, paprika, juice of lemon, and EV olive oil. Topped with ajvar. Served with baked corn tortilla chips and tricolored carrots. 

Belgian Warm Pretzel         $6

Hot and soft, served with Bourbon mustard and pickled gherkins

Mixed Nuts                        $5

Mixed Olives                      $5

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